Extended Warranty for Laser Printers and MFPs

satisfaction-guaranteedIf you are looking to have all of your printers or MFPs covered under a maintenance agreement, we have great plans for you.  One of the concerns many clients have when they purchase a plan from a manufacturer is they will not be able to get compatible toners if they purchase the maintenance plan, fearing it will take the printer or MFP out of warranty.

The cool part about the plans we sell is it is not connected to a manufacturer.  It is connected to a 3rd party who actually does a lot of the warranty work for manufacturers, but they don’t care if you use a high quality compatible. In fact, they have a compatible line of toner that is typically about 1/2 the price of OEM toners and you know they aren’t going to void their warranty because you bought the toner they manufactured.

laser printer with arms and tools on handsThis is more or less a buy toner and get the service for free when you see how much you save off of expensive OEM toner cartridges.  Of course, popular brands like HP, Lexmark, Okidata, Xerox and others can be covered.

If you are looking for a simple extended warranty plan for your printer fleet, give us a call today!


Extended Warranty – What it Covers (Also how to initiate a service call)