Figuring out your Print Needs

One of the things that most people don’t understand is how to choose the right number of prints. Many people spend far more than they should without even knowing it. They are just throwing money away every month, and all those wasted dollars really add up over the years. Figuring out your print needs is easy once you know how.

The first thing you need to understand is that any unused prints you have at the end of the month are basically just thrown in the trash. This is why you should try and get as close to your print needs as possible when signing a contract. This will keep you away from throwing money away.

We like to use the 80% rule when figuring out your print needs.

  • Look at your prints on your busiest month. Do not overestimate this. Try to stay as close to your number as possible.
  • Now, that 80% of that number. This will be the amount of prints you should buy per month

You may be wondering why you would buy less than you need. Well, if you buy 80% of what you need on your busy months, then you will likely be right on for your slower months. This means less money thrown away.

It is important to note that you can buy additional prints if you need them, but they will come at a higher price. Even so, this is still often the right way to go. Paying a little extra for prints you actually need is far better than throwing money away every month on a service you don’t use.

Figuring out your print needs is the best way to save money. Be conservative and don’t overspend when you don’t have to.