Free Copier Upgrades, Here’s What is Actually Happening

Don't throw away your hard earned cash!

Don't throw away your hard earned cash!

You have had a copier in Denver for the last 4 and a half years and now your copier rep is coming with you with a deal.  You can get this newer system for less than you are currently paying.  With the economy the way it is, tightening the belt always seems prudent.  So, in haste, most companies sign on the line and get the new copier.  Here are some reasons you should not sign up for a “free upgrade,” even if you intend to keep working with your current company.

  • If your copier lease in Denver is through a bank…  does your experience with banks teach you banks forgive debts for no reason?  This money has to hit you somewhere…
  • Copier costs in general have come down in the last 5 years.  So, if the newer copier is cheaper, that’s expected.  You need real quotes to see if the new quote is “competitive,” not just cheaper than what you currently pay….
  • If you get quotes, the banks or the copier company can define what the competitors need to pay…  the holder of the lease defines what “fair market value” is…  no, with your experience with corporations, do you normally find they do everything they can to make the playing field level for everyone?
  • Ultimately, taking the lease upgrade to the new equipment will cost you about $3,000 more, at a minimum over the course of the contract.

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