Copier Sales and Service in Denver Colorado


Think of data security as a fence. The copier, if it is sold correctly and installed correctly will have a fence around all of the malicious threats against your company.

If all you do is address the hard drive, what other threats are you still vulnerable to?

  • If you purchase the data security kits and they are not installed, enabled and tested, you may be paying for something that isn’t even working.
  • If you have a maliciously intended employee, how do you stop them from scanning critical company information to their own E mail address?
  • Does your network card and fax card come on the same board? There is a data security threat there
  • Does the copier encrypt the data as it receives it in case you lost power (or it died) and then those documents are also protected?
  • Does it use the https protocol rather than the insecure http protocol?

All in all, copier security is not just dealing with the hard drive. It is, in its most elemental form, simply treating the copier like a laptop, a PC or any other item you deal with on your network!

Please give us a call if you are curious about copier security or data security here in Denver! If you are a copier buyer in Denver, ultimately, data security is your problem and responsibility, we are just here to help you out!