How a Copier’s End of Life Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Copier manufacturers fight tooth and nail to get new copier models into the field and are just as relentless as getting the old copiers out of circulation.

The question is, why are they so determined to get rid of older models so quickly?

A Little-Known Law That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Your Next Copier Purchase

Manufacturers are legally required to keep parts available for a copier that got discontinued for less than five years.

Once the copier reaches that five-year discontinuation mark, the manufacturers immediately take all the parts off of the market, making servicing the machine almost impossible.

However, as long as your copier is within that five-year window, you can access all the parts and services you need.

What Copier Reps Hide About a Copier’s End Of Life to Pad Their Commission Checks

Copier reps will call you and mention how a model you have got discontinued, and that it’ll be more difficult and expensive to service the unit.

At the same time, they just so happen to have a brand new copier in stock they can give to you for only $50 more per month.

They forget to mention that the copier got discontinued only two years ago, which means there are another three years of life left on it where you can still get parts and services for it.

The rep wants you to buy a new copier so they can suck more cash out of your wallet; they intentionally keep you in the dark about this law that requires copier manufacturers to keep their discontinued models’ parts available for five years.

The Other Reason Why You Want to Know How Long Ago Your Copier Model Was Discontinued

If you are looking at a used copier, and it got discontinued four or more years ago, you want to move on. The price may be lower, but your copier will be much harder and more expensive to maintain since the manufacturers will remove the replacement parts from circulation.

On the other hand, if you’re looking at a copier that got discontinued only six months ago, it will have another 4½ years of life. Not only would you be able to get this copier at a reduced price, but you’d also get years of life from it before having to throw it away and get a new one.

Keep These Caveats in Mind When Purchasing a Discontinued Copier

If you’re getting a new copier, make sure it has a decent life cycle on it. Please don’t buy a new copier because the copier rep needs to boost his quota for the month. Keep this life cycle in mind, and you could save hundreds of dollars on a used copier with plenty of life left on it.