How Small Color Copiers Can Make You Miserable

Often when dealing with customers here in the Denver area, I get this question… “What color device do you have that is less than $1,000 and works really well?” Unfortunately, with these types of devices, you are not shooting for what works well, but just for what works…at all…

The problem is now you are buying a device really cheap which has 13+ consumable items and tons of moving parts.  Getting one which works is doable…  one that works great, has a simple interface, and is cost effective…  that does not exist yet.

The choice you’ll have to make is which 2 of these do you want?

* Cheaper printing

* Ease of Use

* Reliability

* Durability

You will generally only get 2 of the 4.  At this point in the market, if you can avoid buying a copier which is under $1,000… I would avoid it.  They cause more headaches than they are worth, they are expensive and still a pain to use.