How to Find that Delicate Balance

If you are on this site you are probably researching a copier purchase or looking ahead to one coming up.  I thought this blog would be geared to help you not make 2 different mistakes…  overbuying or underbuying.  Both can be costly, so let’s work with some “rules of thumb” to help you not make a terrible copier decision. 

The first thing you will need to look at is your Volume to Monthly Output.  I would advise you don’t normally go more than about 2 to 1 or less than 1 to 3…  What do I mean?  If you are going to print 2,000 pages a month…  you probably should not spend more than $4,000 for the device and if you are going to print 2,000 a month, you should spend more than $650 for a device.  Take the number of prints in thousands and work both sets of math…  it it a general guide and is not true in every case.  After 5,000 pages I would go 1 to 1 for the high end and 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 for the low end.   Again, these are guides, your specific volume ultimately needs to be considered along with the equipment costs as well as the recurring toner and maintenance costs.

Next, you need to think about color.  Everyone seems to be pushing color these days…  just make sure you need it.  As mom always said…  “nothing is free…”  This includes the ‘free upgrade’ your copier rep wants to give you to a color device.  If you need color, this can be great, if not…  avoid it.  Almost all Monochrome machines still scan in color.

Functions — Do your best to be realistic on what you need and what you don’t.  If you need stapling, get a finisher.  If not, save the $1,000.  If you need faxing, you may have to pay (though some include it)…  Making a smart decision is more about knowing what you want to do with a machine than it is anything else.

Start here, read the blog and give me a call for more tips.