How to Not Call a Technician on a Copier when you have a Vertical Line on Your Page…

We just had a great customer of ours who wanted us to dispatch a technician on a Xerox Phaser 3635/X MFP and when we got the call, we said, “I have heard this story before!”  Customer calls in and complains there are vertical lines on the page when they copy through the feeder, but these lines are not there when they copy off of the glass.

So the issue is generally as simple as grabbing your glass cleaner and a rag that won’t scratch the glass (like what you might use for glasses or a soft paper towel)  If you clean the strip of glass on the left, it can get rid of those pesky lines.  If you are getting lines in the same part of the page regardless of copying through the feeder or the glass, the issue is in the print engine…  probably a drum.

Rather than spending $150 to have a technician wipe your copier with some glass cleaner, try this out first and see if it fixes the problem.

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