HP Laserjet M4345 — Product Review

As usual, when HP does something, it changes the game.  When HP came out with the Laserjet M4345, other manufacturers who did letter / legal copiers  we building machines like this that only went 18 pages per minute.  HP built this machine and it became apparent very quickly there was a new dog in town in the copier world…  a dog who everyone likes and would be a force in this sector as well.

HP hit the nail on the head…  they sell more of this unit than almost any other printer manufacturer sells in their whole line.  It has also paved the way for other similar devices (i.e. the Lexmark X644e, Xerox WC 4140, Xerox WC 4260, Lexmark X646e, Lexmark X642e, etc…) to gain a major foothold in this market.  So, why did this machine becoming so popular?  There are some simple reasons.

* It's fast at 45 pages per minute

* It's easy to use.  It doesn't have 1,000 options on the interface screen.  It simplifies things!

* It's HP. If HP started selling pet rocks, they'd probably catch on again…

If you don't need tabloid, HP has proven it's a market leader.  For more detailed specs, please visit our sister site: