The Importance of Copier Security

Today’s technology has made us more interconnected than ever. We are able to store more data than ever before and access more information than previous generations ever imagined. These advancements have improved our lives in drastic ways, but they have also made us more vulnerable. Cyber security has become more important than ever before, and people are trying to protect their private information. While people drop thousands on network security, few people think about the importance of copier security.

Getting copier security is the only way to make sure you are truly doing all you can to protect your data. Many people do not realize how much information is stored on their copier. Every image that has ever been sent through your copier has a saved file within the copier’s hard drive. This is useful for things like document management, but it can be harmful if someone malicious accesses them.

Depending on your business, there could be a wide ranging number of implications to having your copier information stolen.

  • Private contact information
  • Home addresses
  • Legal papers
  • Health Information
  • Business plans

These could all be stolen if you do not take the time to consider the importance of copier security. Companies like Xerox understand the problem and offer optional security kits to help protect yourself. Call us today at Denver Copier to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your data.