Intuitive User Experience with Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey technology has always been at the forefront of remote copying. And the reason why it’s loved so much is that it gives its special twist to remote copying technology. What sets ConnectKey technology apart from other such concepts is the interactive user interface. Anyone can use it without any caveats.

Simple Intuitive Touch

The problem with today’s copiers and MFPs is that they aren’t easy to navigate. With most MFPs, you get a complicated interface with many unknown buttons and too much jargon. But what sets Xerox MFPs running ConnectKey technology apart is their highly intuitive touch interface. 

It’s no different from your regular smartphone or tablet experience. The control panel is fully touch-enabled and features icons and folders like smartphones or computers. Swipe and tap on the appropriate option, and you’re good to go. 

Consistent Windows

Consistency is rare in the modern world. Manufacturers change things up with every new model. But every MFP running ConnectKey Technology is consistent throughout. 

So, regardless of the model, all MFPs in your workplace look and feel the same. And yes, that also means you get the installation wizards too. 

Highly Customizable

Need to customize the display so that it better suits your needs? Want bigger icons or a change of color for clearer visuals? With Xerox ConnectKey Technology, you’re left with more options than you can think of. 

And it’s not just the ability to change colors and icons. That much is pretty basic. But you’ll be surprised to know that ConnectKey Technology lets you make separate apps too! 

These apps will help streamline the process and automate cumbersome tasks. It’s made possible by the open systems architecture the copier uses. 

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