iPrint Capable Copiers

android.pngWe are seeing more and more copier customers looking to have iPrint enabled for their iPads or iPhones.  The great news is many of the Xerox WorkCentre copiers come enabled with the iPrint already ready to go.

The only weird part is the copier has to be set up wirelessly to work with the iPrint feature.  This means if the copier is currently connected via ethernet, you’ll need to purchase a wireless adapter (approx $100) to make the feature work seamlessly.  We recently did an install and we literally had to do nothing to get the WorkCentre 4265 printing using this feature.

These copiers generally use the Mopria app for Androids, which requires some set up.  But even with the Androids, you can make these copiers tablet enabled.

If you need a copier that works well with iPrint, the Xerox WorkCentre family has been working flawlessly for us so far.  Give us a call if you need a copier that works with an iPad or and iPhone.