Kinds of Mobile Print

A lot of people have the wrong conception of what it means to be able to have mobile printing. They think that being able to print from their laptop or having wireless connectivity is the same thing but this is copier_girlactually what is referred to as “networking.”

One of the most common ways that mobile printing typically works is by having a mobile printing app. This, however, can be a problem because mobile devices will often times have a problem handling certain formats. For example, some will only be able to handle pdf’s while others will only be able to handle Microsoft word documents. This will often times turn people of from the app option because they think that it will be too limiting but for on-the-go printing of simple documents, this can be a very convenient feature for a copier to be able to handle.

Another kind of printing that people might be thinking of is the ability for printers to be able to receive and then print off emails. This can also be a really convenient printing option.

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