Kyocera 8030 High Production Copier — Product Review

The Kyocera 8030 copier is not for the small office, small budget application.  This copier is pretty expensive (with a retail price of about $27,000…  of course our price would be lower, but if you are wanting a copier for less than $10,000 or in that range, this is not the copier you should be looking at.)

So, why would a company want to look at this device at all?  How does going 80 pages per minute without the hassle of constant service calls sound?  The reason is this is a workhorse like no other copier out there.  We have seen companies use this device to print over 400,000 impressions a month.  When you start speaking about that volume, suddenly the acquisition price becomes a smaller factor than running cost. The running cost is definately the least expensive to copier to run in Denver.  It is not the cheapest to buy, or even close, but running costs are amazing.  For High Volume applications (greater than 40,000 impressions per month) this is a great copier which requires very little maintenance and is super cheap to run per copy.

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