Kyocera TaskAlfa 620 Product Review

Kyocera has just launched a ton of new products and you won't find this post talking a lot about this SPECIFIC copier because until they have been out in the field for a year or so, we won't REALLY know how well they are holding up and if there were any fatal design flaws.  One nice thing about Kyocera is they do not tend to do product releases in the United States first, so we rarely have "huge quality issues." 

So, what's different about this copier that the solid Kyocera 6030?  In all actuality, not a whole lot.  There are a few things that are better though.  What do we like better in the early stages?

  • The Black plastic is nice because it doesn't appear dirty after a year.  It tends to stay looking nice in offices where image matters.
  • It is SLIGHTLY faster at 62ppm rather than 60ppm

Basically, from Kyocera you are going to get a solid copier with the long life ceramic drums which reduce number of service calls and decrease your costs.  The Kyocera also does not emit ozone, unlike most copiers do.  Ozone is a volitile organic compound and if you aren't really into poisoning your office with your copier, it's worth looking at.