Should you lease or buy a copier?

The next time your business needs one, should you lease or buy a copier?  There are risks and benefits of both leasing a buying and we want to offer you some considerations so that you can get the best deal for your business. Should you lease or buy a copier? Read further for the pros and cons of each option.

Benefits of leasing a copier: 

  • Leasing ensures your equipment will be up-to-date.  Copiers can easily become obsolete because technology moves so fast. When you lease a copier from us, the cost of obsolescence falls on us, not your business.
  • Leasing provides you with a set monthly payment. It’s a great benefit to know what you will be spending on a monthly basis.
  • Cash Flow.  Cash flow can be a challenge for many businesses. Leasing has little or no up front costs and saves you from having to dig into your cash reserves.

Cons of leasing: 

  • Leasing will cost you more in the long term. 
  • Commitment to the lease whether or not you use the equipment. 

Pros  of buying. 

  • Easy!  No extensive paperwork. Just buy the copier and move on.
  • Tax benefits. It’s always good to speak with your accountant but buying a copier almost always has a tax benefit for your business.

Cons of buying: 

  • Cash output. Buying a copier is a big investment and can cost a pretty penny.
  • Obsolescence. As mentioned before, eventually your copier will be out of date.