Lexmark Printers and Copiers

Our Favorite Lexmark Product!

Our Favorite Lexmark Product!

When you sell as many brands of printers and copiers as we do, it gets a bit overwhelming at times trying to keep up on all of the options.  As of today, we sell HP Copiers, Kyocera Copiers, Copystar Copiers (same as Kyocera), Ricoh Copiers, Lexmark Copiers, Okidata Copiers, Xerox Copiers and a few other copiers here and there.  It gets overwhelming because of the sheer volume of devices out there.  If we look at Lexmark, for instance, here is what is in their product line along with a little summary of some of the devices…

Lexmark Black and White Printers:

Lexmark E120 -Small office or personal use only

Lexmark E260/E360 – Still for small office use.  Maybe 2 reams a month or so of paper.

Lexmark E460 — Still small office, up to about 2,500 sheets of paper a month.

Lexmark T65o Series, This series contains the Lexmark T650, the Lexmark T652, and the Lexmark T654 printers.  These are god high volume black and white printers which we would feel comfortable having up to 15,000 pages a month printed on.

Lexmark Color Printers:  There are a bunch more printers in this lineup!

Lexmark C540 Series, includes the C540, the C543 and the C544 printers.  These are solid low use devices.  These get expensive if you do a lot of color printing so that’s not recommended.

Lexmark C734, Lexmark C736, and Lexmark C780 and Lexmark C782 are excellent color printers for a mid sized office.  They compete well with the HP Laserjet 4700 series. The cost per print is reasonable, but not the best in the market.

Lexmark C935 color printer.  This used to be a Xerox printer as you will find it looks very similar to the Xerox Phaser 7760 or the Xerox Phaser 7750.

Now these are just the laser printers of one brand.  When you multiply this by 7, you might be able to see how this can get confusing.  This is why we built our free printer comparison tool (to the right of the page…) 

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