Lexmark Refreshes Product Line

Lexmark Multifunction Device

Lexmark Multifunction Device

Lexmark has just done a product refresh of massive proportions.  80% of their product line have received a refresh.  The Lexmark X642e/X644e have been replaced by the X652e/X654e.  Even the Lexmark T640, T642 and T644 have been replaced by a T65X series.  I am always skeptical when a manufacturer does a refresh as it is generally more about having products which a compatible toner cannot be used rather than massive product upgrades.  This seems a little different.  Some upgrades to an already awesome X644e are as follows…

The 8″ color touch screen has been upgraded to a 9″ color touch screen

The scanner has shown a 250% improvement in quality labs

The ADF has gone from a 50 page max to a 75 page max

Speed has gone from 50ppm to 75ppm

Real finishing and mailbox options now exist

Some vertical market applications are simply added (even at a later date now).  There is a solution for Education, Medical and Legal markets.

The drawer system now works without a massive headache if you were going to have multiple drawers

The improvements made were definately noticeable on this line.  If you want more information on the Lexmark line of printers and multi-function devices, you can visit our sister site and choose which device you want to see and get detailed specs including a downloadable .pdf file.