Lexmark X654de — Product Review

Lexmark X654de

Lexmark X654de

The Lexmark X654e is definately an interesting device for people used to spending $10,000 on a copier.  Some of the basic features in this product are 55 pages per Minute printing and scanning, standard fax, standard print, duplex scanning, duplex printing…  With this many features, one would think that it would be hard to use…  surprisingly though, it is quite simple.  Plus there is a cool color touch screen.  The cost per print is also very reasonable.

Who this is good for:

Offices or departments with up to 25 people

Uses who will do 15,000 pages a month or less

Users who value an easy to use interface

Who this device is wrong for:

Users who need tabloid printing

Users who need color printing

Users doing more than 15,000 pages per month

This is a great value for companies looking to reduce their copier costs without losing a ton of functionality.