Pahoda Image Products is Lexmark authorized.  Lexmark is a US manufacturer and supports our values in terms of buying from US based businesses.  Lexmark has a wide suite of products from small desktop units to full blown copiers. We like the Lexmark brand because of their value in the middle segment of the copier business.  Those companies that do maybe 5000 copies a month and don’t need a Cadillac.


Within the Lexmark brand, our favorite products are the X series copiers.  These would include the X654 (based of the T654 engine) as well as the X738 color copier.  Lexmark provides an amazing value and has interesting application options, such as test grading software embedded in some of their machines for schools or medical integration with popular EMR software.

Lexmark fills a specific niche in our product portfolio, but we do feel they have some very solid products if the printing and copy application fit.

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