Look Out! Tricks in your Copier Lease

Getting a great copier lease can be more difficult than you might be bargaining for. It’s not that copier leases are all that complicated, but; it’s actually that copier leasing companies are sneaky in their sales practices. Many companies will use tricky language to try and make your copier lease hard to understand. That’s why you need to know what to look out for when you are signing a new copier lease.


  • Automatic Rollover. This is something that you are going to want to pay close attention to. Having automatic rollover in your lease isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you forget about it when your lease is coming to an end. This will allow your leasing company to continue your lease unless you specifically cancel it within a certain period of time. Make sure you avoid this so you don’t end up with extra, unnecessary months of service.
  • Price Increases. Some leases will allow your leasing company to raise your lease prices after a certain point in your lease. If this is in your lease then you can be sure that your payments will rise. Don’t let this be in your lease or your payments will be sure to rise over time.
  • Too many prints. Its extremely common for people to get involved in consumable contracts that far exceed what they actually need. Consumable contracts are great ways to save money, but make sure you are buying a realistic number of prints. If not, then you are actually throwing money away every month.


Noticing these three things in your lease is a great way to take steps to avoid getting scammed out of your hard earned money. To get help getting the best copier lease for your business then come see our great staff at Denver Copier. We can help you get the best office machine for your business.