Looking at a Sharp Copier in Denver – A Must Read!

Will You be OK if Sharp sells off?Sharp may be selling off its air conditioning and copier divisions, according to Japanese news sources!

Yeah, I guess this is one of those fear articles to get you to call us instead of one of our competitors here in Denver, but there are some interesting things happening in the copier industry you would want to know about.

Just so you can see we are not making this stuff up – here is a link where Reuters sites this turn of events.

Of course just so you can see multiple credible sources are talking about this – Here is a Fox News discussion.

So, your copier rep just dropped off a proposal for a Sharp System.  Some common Sharp Copier systems are the following models:

MX-3111U, MX-M314N, MX-M354N, DX-C310, DX-C311, MX-3100N, MX-3110N, MX-M363, MX-4101N, MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-M453, MX-M503, MX-M5001N, MX-M5510N, MX-5111N, MX-M550, MX-5500N, MX-6201N

Now, of course the rep who dropped off the quote may or may not be aware of these details because it is such recent speculation.  In an internal email we saw, Sharp maintains the news agency is reporting on their own judgement, not based on plans they may have.  This is often true with financial news.  However, the rumors have gained a lot of steam and from our standpoint looks very similar to when Ricoh was going to buy Ikon or Konica and Minolta were merging.  We have seen it on copier bulletin boards and it sounds like this could be happening and that Kyocera may be the most interested in purchasing the giants divisions.

So does this mean that you should not buy a Sharp copier? 

Not necessarily.  If you are getting an amazing deal from a quality supplier, there will be a contingency plan if this does go down.  It may behoove you to look at another quote or two from different dealers (hopefully us) just to be sure that you are not signing up for a service nightmare downstream.  Maybe Sharp won't sell out at all, but from all market indications it appears they are exploring this option.  The good news will be the copiers may be cheaper for a while up front as Sharp purges some of their inventory, the bad news may not be felt for a few years.

Just make sure you understand what you are buying and if you feel comfortable that your current copier has a solid contingency plan for this — maybe that's enough.  If they told you about it without your having to ask, it's more likely they have a plan.  If you have to ask them, maybe you'd like a free quote from a copier dealer in Denver that does not sell Sharp copiers.