Looking for a Great Copier Deal?

bearDoes a Bear Poop in the Woods?

We all want a great deal, and this is your chance to get that perfect copier at a great price.

Every Office needs a copier. We work hard to help you find a perfect copier. We will answer questions you have about technology, about leasing, etc… We will also provide you a quick quote if you already know what you want. Every customer is different and we work hard to help each customer find that perfect copier.

Why might you be looking for a new copier company?

  • Not sure if you are currently getting a fair deal
  • Maybe you are a new company and haven’t bought an office copier before
  • Your rep (sales or service) isn’t giving you the level of support you deserve
  • Something doesn’t smell right… (It’s not the bear!)

There are many reasons you may be looking for a new copier company.  We hope that whatever your reason is, you will choose Pahoda.  We have ratings online you can look up and are members of the BBB.  We are not for everyone, but we believe for businesses looking for a great copier deal for their company, we can help!