Managed Print, What’s All the Buzz for?

Does it Seem Like Managed Print is all Copier Companies Want to Talk About

As we talk to companies in the Denver area, it is pretty apparent copier companies are working on getting on the “managed print” train.  What is managed print and how can it help/hurt your company?

In a nutshell, managed print is a process where an external vendor, such as ourselves, takes over the “management” of printers.

They address the toner, the repairs and the replacements on your behalf.  The idea is this essentially, we are copier companies and know more about printers and copiers than you do so you should let us manage it rather than an employee who isn’t well versed on printing technology.

There are strengths and weaknesses of the managed print approach.  It’s good for you to think it through before you sign the contract.

Advantages of Managed Print

  • Less intervention needed.  Everything should be taken care of
  • If the company you’re working with is a good company, there will be some re-positioning so you maximize your efficiency
  • Free up time with managed print.

Disadvantages of Managed Print

  • If your copier rep isn’t sharp, you could be signing a contract to continue having bad prices for the next 3 to 5 years (contractually).
  • If the copier dealer starts performing poorly, you’re stuck with them
  • If your copier company sells low quality toner, you’re stuck with it

All in all, managed print can be a great thing for Denver companies, just be aware that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Give us a call if you would like a managed print quote here in Denver or across the US.