Mobile and Cloud Ready with ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey Technology provides you with mobile and cloud connectivity services anywhere and everywhere. It’s your one-stop solution to remote copying and working from home. The technology is based on an open systems architecture and ensures smoother workflow.

Versatile and Connected

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is one of the few remote copying technologies for every environment. With this, you can send and receive documents much like how you do so in email attachments. And with apps like PrintByXerox, the task is much more streamlined and convenient. 

Speaking of convenience, ConnectKey Technology keeps you connected to cloud services at all times. So, you can quickly scan and print any file directly from your cloud—no more wasting bandwidth downloading hundreds of files to copy. You can now copy from the cloud with zero hassle. 

And that’s not all. With its intelligent scanning technology, you can scan hard copy material and make it editable. And all of this can be done right from the intuitive user interface. 

Made For the Workplace

Xerox MFPs running ConnectKey Technology are made for the workplace. They’re compatible with the most known cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and much more. Plus, you get even more options if you use the Xerox App gallery. 

With connectivity comes one major problem, connecting multiple devices. Luckily, ConnectKey technology can connect multiple smartphones, tablets, and PCs without extensions. So, you’re always ready to go whenever you need and wherever you are. 

ConnectKey offers many connectivity options for you. You can connect over Wi-Fi, NFC, Apple AirPrint, and even Google Cloud Print. 

If you want to buy or lease genuine Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled copiers, contact Denver Copier!