New Copiers vs Used Copiers … What’s Best for Your Company?

With speeds as fast as 40 pages per minute the HP Laserjet CM6030 / CM6040 is a copier series worth keeping an eye on.  At this time, it appears that the cost per print is a tad high on this device, but the image quality and reliability seem to be good.  Of course for the HP only office, this device will add both tabloid capability and color capability to an already robust line of products by HP.

Here are some of the advantages of a USED copier

1)  The sticker price is generally lower than a new copier

2) Sometimes you can get bonus features like finishing at no additional price

Here are some of the DISADVANTAGES of a USED copier

1) There are consumable items which may be near the end of life so there could be a $1,000 bill just around the corner.

2) You have no way to know how well the company before you took care of (or didn’t) take care of the copier.

3) Can often be over 4 years old when you start because most copiers are on a 60 Month Lease

Some advantages of NEW copiers

1) You get the lastest technology available

2) Cost per print has dropped over the last 5 years, so it may be cheaper overall based on toner costs.

3) You get a manufacturer’s warranty (1 year, normally)

4) You get at least “starter sets” of all supplies, so you can go for a bit without buying more supplies.

Disadvantages of a New Copier

1) Price point is higher (this is about the only REAL disadvantage)

Like with a car, buying a used copier will sometimes have problems.  It is a matter of do you want to deal with these issues to save some cash.  If you are buying a new copier, you can generally take 40% of how much the new unit costs and get the used copier at that rate.  It is a savings vs. peace of mind debate.  We deal with both and would love to help you with your next copier purchase!