New Program Offers Remanufactured HP Printers and Copiers

With our newest partnership, we now can offer remanufactured HP printers and copiers at a fraction of their normal cost.  These are rebuilt from the frame up, so it will be difficult for you to tell these printers and copiers are not new.  Some of the copiers and printers we are offering include the LaserJet 2430DN, Laserjet P2055, LaserJet 4250, Laserjet P4015, LaserJet 4350, LaserJet 4515, LaserJet 9050, Laserjet M3035XS, LaserJet M4345XS, LaserJet M9050, Laserjet M4555F, Color LaserJet 4700, Color LaserJet 5550, and the Color LaserJet 4730FSK.

All these copiers are sold for about 1/3 their original price to 1/5 their original price.   If your Denver area (or really any area in the USA) company would like a used copier, we have just what you are looking for.  The other great part about this program is there is an optional service plan for up to 3 years on any of these devices which includes a maintenance kit, so you just have to purchase the toner and keep printing.  We are very excited about this program and would love to tell you more if you are looking for a used copier in Denver.