New Xerox User Interface Improves Workflow…

Banner-Copier-GalXerox introduced an innovative technology known as Extensible Interface Platform. The software enables developers to customize the touch screen options on multi-function devices so that the menus match your internal procedures. The program makes it easier for your staff to perform complex document imaging tasks. Your multi-function device can convert paper documents into text that you can distribute, store and edit with simple commands. You can transmit scanned documents to one or more recipients by following prompts, such as “Fax to billing department.” Your multi-function copier can serve as a secure repository for the information, which authorized individuals can access with user codes. Editable formats include Word, Excel and searchable PDF.

Your staff can swipe their ID badges to display a touch screen designed for their specific department. When they are ready to make copies, they can send their files to any copier connected to your computer network. This innovative technology enables modern companies to maximize the full potential of multi-function copiers. You can access your documents wherever and whenever you need them.

Our Denver area office has more information on how Xerox multi-function copiers can help you meet your in-house and mobile printing requirements. If you need to lease or purchase a copier, give us a call.