Copier Sales and Service in Denver Colorado

Our Team

At Pahoda Image Products our people are here to serve you.  We value your feedback and hope we can help make your office run at peak efficiency with one of our awesome copiers.  Here is a quick who’s who on our team.


me1Jesse Harwell –

Jesse started selling printers in 1997 with a company called Output Technology (OTC) in Spokane, Washington. After selling these devices, Jesse moved to Colorado for the beautiful sunshine and to open a non-profit Christian bookstore where he worked about 4 years.  After four years of running a non-profit, Jesse decided to move to Denver, got a job back in a familiar business selling printers and copiers.  In 2009, Jesse opened Pahoda Image Products with a dream of helping clients be able to relax while also being location independent.

Having systems in place online and using Xerox technicians, Jesse has been able to spend 2 months in Russia, Peru and Colombia, as well as a month in Puerto Rico, Poland, and Mexico.  “Our clients allow me to enjoy some travels and I owe it to them to do my very best to make their life better too!

The primary role Jesse has is sales as well as dealing with any “major crisis” a client is having.  There are always times where a client needs an active advocate, and when frustration runs high, Jesse is here to help get your account smooth again.



dsc02071-2Laine Dobson –

Laine started his career also running a non-profit and after a couple of years ventured into a fine arts business where he was able to see almost every corner of Colorado and spent many weekends in the outdoors he loves.  One of the most special moments for Laine has been hearing the sound of an elk bugling in the wild.  Having a passion for the outdoors and the wild, Laine embarked on moving to Paonia with his family to enjoy a lifestyle of tranquility and peace.

Laine built his own home from scratch and marvels he gets to live in such a wonderful location.  Again, Laine also has the deep sense of gratitude knowing his life in Paonia would not be possible if not for the great clients we enjoy that allow us to help them on the phone and he goes the extra mile because of how great they have been to us.  Laine deals with operations (like getting you a contract, checking your billing, making sure techs arrive and help, work with you on having usernames and passwords for your team, etc).


greg_web1-300x300Greg Bentz –

On the technical side of our group there is Greg.  Growing up in the USA he always dreamed of travel and wanted to find work he could do anywhere in the world.  He is extremely talented and was a major score for us at Pahoda because he shares our values of doing the best for our clients and appreciates the fact he can live in Colombia with his wife.

If you have any questions about what is it like to live in another country, Greg will have answers for you.  He also has answers on how to fix your drivers, how to set up scanning and a myriad of other technical questions.

Greg is also going to be working on our YouTube channel to get better resources and training for our valued clients.