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Pahoda Image Products – Headed to Las Vegas for ITEX Show

Getting Training and Offering Services in Las Vegas

Getting Training and Offering Services in Las Vegas

The ITEX show is coming up March 3rd and March 4th.  Pahoda Image Products is going to be there both as a vendor and a consumer.  (We are Pahoda, by the way…)  The product we are going to be offering at the Las Vegas show is a copier and printer database we rent out to resellers around the country.  This is the database we use to get you the best Total Cost of Ownership when you work with us.  Details are at Printer Side by Side.

Our Las Vegas partner, Copier Las Vegas, will also be there.  Please visit their site if you are in Las Vegas looking for a copier! 

We use this show as a place to keep up on the document imaging technology field and to grow our reseller base to provide better tools for our local Denver customers.  We are at 7475 W 5th Ave in Lakewood, CO!  Please give us a call if you need a copier in Denver!