Printers or Copiers in Denver?

Don't Get Exposed

Don't Get Exposed

Denver: New Printer or Copier?

Denver businesses that use a color laser printer might be surprised to learn that, in certain situations, a color copier is actually more affordable.

Generally, the following principles will assist you in making a good decision:

• The print volume of 1,000 pages is a rough benchmark
• Color laser printers accommodate a print volume less than 1,000 pages
• Color copiers accommodate print volumes above 1,000 pages

Cost analysis of color printers and copiers can be more complicated, but it is manageable when you know how much print volume to expect every month. For example, a Xerox Phaser 7500 page costs 11 cents, and the Xerox WorkCentre 7525 page costs 7.5 cents. However, the Phaser offers partial ink coverage while the WorkCentre gives full page coverage. Does this make a difference? It does if you are printing 2,000 pages every month!

Even with the increase in volume, the WorkCentre could get you those 2,000 pages for around $150. The Phaser, on the other hand, would end up costing around $2,500 for full tabloid color because of the added ink costs. The real trade-off here is the upfront cost.

The WorkCentre is priced higher than the Phaser, but it is also more economically sound for high-volume, long-term use.