Printers or Copiers? What is Better for My Business?

Denver businesses often assume that laser printers are always more expensive than copiers. This can be true, but not always. Oftentimes companies don’t take into account the total cost of ownership, also known as the TCO, when looking into prices. To find the TCO, you have to take into account different factors. These include things like the actual retail cost of the copier, the cost per print you’ll be paying, how much it will be to maintain the device and so on.

It’s a lot like a person who wants to buy a new car but makes a decision on which one to purchase based only on the mileage per gallon. Now, that obviously is an unwise way to buy a vehicle. The same thing can happen when someone is purchasing a copier in Denver. They look at one cost, which is the cost per print, and make their final device selection based on that information only. That can cause a company to end up with a machine that isn’t right for what they need.

Generally a copier is cheaper than a printer, but look at all the factors before buying one for your Denver office.