Renting a Copier for Corporate Events

Why to Rent a Copier for Corporate Events

In many cases, renting a copier makes sense for corporate events. Because most company events last for a few days or a week, it makes little sense to sign for a two to three-year lease and buying a copier does not make sense either. Also, you can deduct the rental charge as a tax deduction for your business. Rentals are also extraordinarily flexible. For example, if you need another copier to meet the extra capacity demands, you can order an additional copier.

Renting gives companies the option to purchase a more technologically advanced printer. While the price will still cost more, you will only have to pay for a couple days for your event. You will have access to a variety of options on equipment including: 11×17 format, staples, color and collate.

What are other reasons you may want to rent a copier? You may want to consider copier rentals for company marketing projects, temporary offices, year-end financial reports and special project. Copier rentals allow business owners to rent for a couple days, a week, a month or longer. In addition, you will not be locked into a contract.