Sample Scanning Application and Possible Solution…


We have filing cabinets filled with contracts and invoices and want to have these migrate from paper copies to electronic copies.  We would like to be able to index a few fields like customer names and dates so that when we are looking for an invoice and contract, it would just be able to quickly retrive those from anywhere we can tie into the Network.  We don’t want to spend $10,000 or $20,000 on the solution because we just don’t think we use it constantly.  We use it enough to pay for a solution, but would like this to be simple and straightforward and work with our copier…  We run Small Business Server and Windows XP on the workstations if that matters.

Proposed Solution:

In your case scenario above KyoCapture Express with a Kyocera copier would be an excellent option.  Since you are running Server 2003, I would suggest downloading the Sharepoint Services 3.0 plug in as well as the SQL Express plugin.  Both are free and in conjunction with your current infrastructure, sevrver 2003, would give you a great Document Management Solution.  You could then have a process to input your customer contracts using the indexing criteria outlined below.   You could add the barcode option for less key input at the Kyocera MFP or add the desktop indexing component QuickCapture Pro for inputting to the process and routing to the SharePoint site.  
        Utilizing the SharePoint option gives you the ability to create multiple document libraries while utilizing the security features inherent in server 2003.  It also allows you to share the information contained within those libraries, set up multiple libraries and with the KyoCapture Express option allows you to build in multiple business processes.As with any solution you should also design a back up procedure for the SQL database and Sharepoint site.  This can be done easily with the suite described above.

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