Sharp Financial Woes Continue!

Is Sharp in Trouble?

Well, it appears that the Sharp news continues and this will affect Sharp copier owners in Denver.  If this sell-off goes through, parts for the copiers that you may own can become tougher for your supplier to get.   Some of the common models that people may own in Denver that can affect things are the MX-4501N, AR-208D, AL-1631, MX-M363N, MX-4111N, MX-4101N, MX-M453N, MX-M503N and a host of other machines.  Copiers are interesting in that the dealers generally want to sell replacements anyway, but if you are buying a replacement copier for your old Sharp copier, you may want to consider another brand.  (You may want to avoid Toshiba copiers as well as the word on the street is they are not too far behind!)

So what can you do as a copier owner with a Sharp copr here in Denver?  Ultimately, it may not mean a lot for you today UNLESS you are looking to purchase a copier.  If you are looking to buy a Sharp copier, you may want to consider other options or at the very least, make sure the company you are buying the copier from will be able to service the copier for the whole term of your contract.