Shipping a Copier

When your copier lease is coming to an end it’s crucial to understand what your role is. Too many people don’t read about their responsibilities at the end of their lease and are hit with fees or expenses that they didn’t expect. This can be easily avoided if you take the time to understand your role. One of the things most people don’t consider is what they have to do in regards to shipping a copier.

The mistake that most people make is to simply assume that their copier leasing company will grab their copier for them. This is rarely the case. Most of the time it is up to the person who leased the copier to return it. Copier leasing companies do this as a way to try and get you to sign another lease with them.

Copier companies have relationships with shipping companies that make it cheaper for them to ship your office machine. If you don’t schedule a pickup ahead of time then you could end up paying $500 or more. Your leasing company may offer to pick up your copier for you if you sign another lease with them.

This is a great option if you like your leasing company, but it is also a way for them to bully you into another lease. Look at shipping ahead of time in order to find a good price. You can always negotiate with your leasing company if you want to, but this lets you stay ahead of the curve.