Shopping for a Denver Copier?

lady-pointing_small-300x194If you’re shopping for a copier in Denver, there are a lot of things to consider before making your final selection. The most foundational thing you should do is evaluate your business so that you’ll understand exactly what type of device your office will need. To help you with that evaluation, answer the following questions before you begin your search.

• Will your office be using tabloid, or can you get by without it?
• Will your copier be set up as a network printer in your Denver office?
• Does your company need a machine that will provide fax capability?
• If you do perform faxing, how many faxes do you expect to send on average each week or month?
• Will you be scanning documents or only copying them?
• Would you like to scan directly to folders?
• Is a color copier necessary, or do you generally use black and white?
• What kind of options would you like, such as hole-punching, stapling or finishing?

Assessing these needs will help you to choose the copier that’s most suited for your Denver business. By knowing what you need before you start shopping for your device, you’ll save money by avoiding unnecessary options.