Short Term Copier Needs — The Advantages and Disadvantages of Copier Rental in Denver

We have some unique clients who rent copiers from us for their events.  Renting a Copier is a nice way to save thousands of dollars if the need is merely short term.  We have a Real Estate client who only uses copiers a few times a year in the Denver area, and so for them it makes more sense to rent a copier rather than buying one to use 3 or 4 times a year.  This made me think, what are the advantages and disadvantages of copier rental?  

Advantages to renting a Copying Machine:

  1. Fixed cost.  You know exactly how much it will cost and spend much less than the unit would cost to buy.
  2. There isn’t mechanical liability as the vendor builds that into the rental price
  3. You aren’t responsible for moving/shipping/transporting a rented copier in most cases
  4. It’s an easy way to add some short term productivity
  5. It can be nice to have extra capacity for short term bursts, like this time of year for accountants and tax professionals (especially when the rest of the year is so light.

Disadvantages of Copying Machine Rentals:

  1. Renting is going to cost a premium as the labor involved in transport as well as the pages are billed at a higher rate than if you bought the copier because it is such a short term investment.
  2. Renting a copier can result in confusion if it is unfamiliar brand or a hard to use interface
  3. Renting a copier is still a logistical pain (putting it on the network, signing a contract, etc…) so if it is just for a week or a day, it is rarely worth it (although we do work with some trade shows who only use our copiers for a day and it works well for them.

If you need to rent a copier in Denver, give us a call so we can put together a rental program designed specifically with your copier needs in mind.