Some Tips When Looking for a Copier

Paper is the lifeblood of business. With tax forms, customer orders and office training materials, businesses can go through thousands of pieces of paper every single month. Having a great copier helps reduce costs and increase productivity. Here are the top 3 things to look for when buying a copier in Denver.

1. Total Cost of Ownership
The TCO of a copier is how much it will cost to run the machine over its lifetime. While enterprise copiers can last many years, buyers often only consider the initial purchase price, making cheap, off-the-shelf copiers more attractive. The reality is that there are many other costs associated with copiers including repairs and toner that make enterprise models much more attractive. 

2. Paper Compatibility
Buying a copier in Denver means knowing what kind of paper you’ll need to print. Consider all aspects of your business and what sizes of paper you need to use. A school may have different needs from a law office.

3. Features
Need double-sided copies? Want the papers to be stapled automatically? These kinds of features in Denver copiers save time and money if you need them, but introduce complexity if you don’t.

These three things should help you buy the best copier in Denver for your business.