The Cons of a Copier Lease in Denver

The cons of leasing a copier in Denver

When a Denver area business needs a new copier, the best option is to buy the machine outright. This isn’t always the most popular option, since many companies make leasing a copier sound so appealing. There is the low initial investment combined with goods and services that the company will provide. While this isn’t a bad choice for those with no capital, it is if a company can afford a new machine.

Over the lifetime of a lease, the initial modest price can balloon to many times the price of a new copier. One of the main reasons for this is the interest that is part of a regular lease payment.

A leasing company will want to make a profit on their investment, so the payments are set up to return a profit. It doesn’t matter if the profit has already been returned on a previous lease contract.

There is always security issues with it comes to used equipment. Your company doesn’t know who has used this copier before you and won’t know who will use it after. Since modern copiers are computers, the data copied can be retrieved if not handled properly.

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