The Most Important Question When Purchasing a Copier

So, you’re ready to buy a copier and started your researching here in Denver?  You are getting ready for this process with as much excitement as a root canal?  Well, we are here to help.  The most important thing you can do BEFORE you start the buying process is to determine your priorities first.  Without this, each rep will have good things to say, but it’ll be hard to decide which copier to purchase.  Here’s what you need to do.  On a scale of 1 to 6 rank these criterion:

____ Speed and Productivity (How many pages a minute, how many steps to complete an important task, how many special features does it have which will speed things up?)

____ Reliability – Do you want a technician in your office twice a month fixing the copier (does that even matter to you?) or are you hoping that this device will work for long periods of time without problems?

____ Pricing – Is price the #1 factor for you, or are other things more important than price?  Each customer is different and it is good to know which type you are so you either get the best price or get the other features you may find more important.

____ Finishing and Paper Handling – Does it need to handle 12 X 18 paper or 11 X 17 paper or handle 90lb bond paper or a special gloss paper?  Does it need to hole punch or make booklets? Is the FUNCTION on some special processes crucial?

____ Environmental Concerns – Do you want a copier which produces less waste and does not produce VOC’s (like ozone) or is that of relative little importance to you?

____ Image Quality – Are you looking for print shop type color, or just business color?  Are you needing perfect scans or “rough draft” type of scans.  What is the performance threshold you are looking at with this device?

Once you have your criteria in mind, it’s far easier to help you meet your objectives and make this process as painless as possible.