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The Relationship Between Color Coverage and Costs

Do You Understand the Relationship Between Cost and Coverage?

Do You Understand the Relationship Between Cost and Coverage?

Color coverage seems to be a concept many people in Denver struggle grasping.  I thought I would quickly describe what color coverage is and how it affects your bottom line.  Let’s look at a specific example and show you how this one factor can vary dramatically.  If you owned a HP Laserjet 4700DN and you were printing standard business color (20% — broken down as 5% of the page is covered with Cyan, 5% with Magenta, 5% with Yellow and 5% with Black) then you are going to pay about $.10 per print.  If you did this with 3,000 pages per month and did this for 5 years, you’d spend about $18,000 over 5 years.  Each percent you are off one way or the other is going to be about $900! 

If you figured everything at 20% and it was actually 22% (very insignificant difference) your budget will be off by $1,800 when you are done with the 5 years.  If, conversely it is only 18%, you’ll be $1,800 better.

So, when you are thinking about doing color, you will want to understand the concept of color coverage.  Give us a call if you would like your files analyzed by a color specialist and we can tell you exactly how much your color is costing you in Denver!