The Xerox 8900

Xerox’s 8900 is a great example of what the newest breed of copier is capable of. Not only does the 8900 solid ink capable but it is also a smart copier in that it has a natural language interface that allows you to modify your use of color. Users have their choice from 50,000 colors. Documents can be printed with 2400 copier_girlfine point resolution once they have been adjusted. This machine is like something from a  science fiction movie.

The Xerox 8900 is perfect for small businesses that want to do low cost color copying. The 8900 is capable of connecting with other devices in the office wirelessly or through an ethernet cable. It can also support email, scanning, and faxing document. It is also quite a workhorse that can handle a cycle of up to 120,000 copies, or 15,000 a month. It can also print on both sides of the sheet and has the ability to make 44 copies per minute.

Just like every other Xerox machine, the 8900 can have supplies ordered through the web-based e-Conceirge system so that you do not run out of supplies. If your Denver area business is ready to step up to the Xerox 8900, please give us a call at 3035867704 and we would love to get your business the copier it deserves.