The Xerox Primelink B9100 B&W MFP

The Xerox Primelink B9100 is a great choice for people who need to lease or buy a copier. It has the ability to email, print, scan and copy. It has a print speed of 100 pages per minute. These copiers are ideal for businesses that need to print 70,000 to 700,000 pages per month.

This is a sustainable device with an Energy Star rating. There are settings that you can use in order to reduce the amount of paper that your copier uses. You can also adjust the settings so that your copier does not have use as much energy.

You can rest assured that the Xerox Primelink B9100 will fit the needs of your office. You can choose from several finishing and feeding options. There are also workflow apps that you can use to maximize your efficiency.

This Xerox device comes with a user-manual. However, you will find that it is easy for you to use this copier. It has a tablet-like interface that works like a smartphone.

You can securely use your copier. There are many security features that will protect your device from cyber threats. You can prevent unauthorized people from using your printer by using the access controls. Every user will be authenticated before they are allowed to use the copier.

You won’t have to worry about your information being given out to a third party. All of your stored information will be protected. Encryption is one of the ways that stored information is protected. You can also delete the information that you no longer need.

With the Xerox Primelink B9100 is you will get what it is known for: exceptional image quality. The paper size is 11.69″ x 7.16″ to 13″ x 9.49″. It also prints in standard black and white.