TIP #2 — Don’t Pay for Unneeded Tabloid (11 X 17) Capability

When purchasing copiers for the office here in Denver, most companies look at a device and decide whether it will meet their needs or not while going through a demo. One big mistake is that most customers feel they need tabloid copying because they might use it. They don’t feel this way because they do, but just because they might. This decision can cost from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on options.

If Tabloid is not necessary (for example there are many prints done on tabloid, but other devices which can print it…) then it should not be ordered. A 8.5 X 14 which goes for $1,499 can often do everyday jobs as easily as the tabloid device for $4,000 – $8000. Just make sure you need Tabloid capability before you go spending money.