Top Ways Copier Companies Make Customers Angry

Is Your Copier Company Making You Angry?

Is Your Copier Company Making You Angry?

I was thinking through some of the most common complaints that I hear when a company is switching their copier providers.  What is it that would lead you, to this site in your quest for a copier rather than your current provider?  Here are the most common reasons I have found:

  1. Overcharging or continual upcharging.  The company started as a good deal, but has gradually become a bad deal.
  2. POOR COPIER SERVICE — This is probably the biggest one.  If you spending thousands on a copier, you (rightfully) expect it to work
  3. New rep/bad rep — This is a common one as well and can lead people to looking around for a new company.
  4. Overselling or underdelivering.
  5. Too many service calls on the same device.

These are the most common reasons people call us when they are fed up with their current provider.  As a copier rep, I can definately say there have been some unfortunate times where my own company has been guilty of #4 or #5.  This is the value of losing a customer.  It has forced us to analyze and assess what we can do to keep our customers happy.  If no one ever left, we may not have ever learned.  I am sure our competitiors feel the same way.  If you are unhappy with your current copier provider, we’d love to have the chance to quote on your next copier in Denver.