Understanding Warm-up Time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start shopping for a copier without doing any research. Too many people get fixated on different parts of their machines, but aren’t familiar enough with the specifications to understand how it relates to their business. At Denver Copier we believe in honesty and want to help you understand how warm-up time affects your business. 

Warm-up time is an often ignored factor when buying a copier. People often opt for printers with faster printing speed. They often consider this to be the most important factor when thinking about efficiency. However, this is not the most important thing for every business.

Understanding warm-up time starts with knowing what it is. Warm up time is essentially the time it takes for your copier to prepare itself to begin working. This can be insignificant if your copier works during the entire work day. If you never stop using it, then it never needs to cool down.

Alternatively, if you are a smaller business with a fewer frequency of print jobs then warm-up time can be more important. A copier that prepares in 20 seconds compared to a 1.5 minutes will make a huge difference in your work day.

Imagine that you are working at a small family business that only does a few print jobs a day. Do you want:

  • A printer that warms up really quickly, but prints slowly
  • A printer that takes a long time to warm up, but then prints fast all day

Understanding warm-up time can help enormously when choosing the right copier for your business. Call today to learn more about what copier is right for you.