Used Copiers in Denver are not Always a Better Deal

Just Got a Copier and Already Feel this Way?

Just Got a Copier and Already Feel this Way?

We often run into customers who are looking for a cheap copier here in Denver and they decided to buy a used copier assuming a used copier is always a better deal.  This is often the case, but sometimes a used copier is exactly what you don’t need.  What are some of the issues a used copier can cause you? 

  • Generally a copier is on a 4 to 5 year lease.  A used copier will generally be over 4 years old.  This is approximately equivalent to about an 8 year old car.
  • Used copiers are generally tabloid capable with finishing options, if you don’t need tabloid capability or finishing options on your copier, then you are giving yourself more problem potential
  • Who owned the copier before you?  If you don’t know, it’s possible your copier company doesn’t either.
  • Does the copier have a history of issues?  Again, like buying a car, it’s a risk.

Now, if you do need tabloid and you do need finishing, this is a great option and is worth looking at.  If you just need letter/legal, why not just buy a Lexmark X654de, a 55 page per minute copier with scanning and fax for about $2,450?  If you are at $2,000 anyway for a used copier, a new one is just a few hundred bucks higher.  We’re all about saving money, but we’re also about making sense.

If you are needing a used copier or a new copier, give us a call and we can help with either.  Our goal is to sell you a copier that is appropriate for your needs.