Watch Out for These Bad Copier Lease Deals

Not every copier leasing company that you work with is going to be completely honest with you. Many of them only want your money, so they will smooth talk you into signing bad contracts. We hate seeing this because we do not believe in scamming our customers. We wanted to bring to light some of the bad copier lease deals that we see so you can avoid them when getting your next copier lease.

  • Including sneaky Automatic Rollover. This is something in your lease that allows your copier leasing company to continue your lease beyond your originally agreed upon date. This can be fairly standard, but it doesn’t have to be in your lease. Most people forget that this was every included in their leases and end up paying for additional months. Watch out for this provision and try to avoid having it in your lease.
  • Raised rates mid-lease. Some leases may say that your leasing company can raise your leasing price if they like. They will usually do this around the 2 year mark of your lease. Do not allow them to include this in your lease. A lease is an agreement so your should be able to keep the original price that you signed for. Don’t pay more than you have to.
  • Getting bad print contracts. Many people end up with really bad print contracts that cost them much more money than they should be paying. Be conservative with your print needs and don’t get talked into getting extra prints “just in case.” It’s just a way for them to get more money out of you.

Getting a great copier lease shouldn’t be hard. Come see our great staff at Denver Copier to get a great lease without the hassle.