Ways to Decrease Your Spending on a New Copier in Denver

WorkCentre 73XX

WorkCentre 73XX

Here are some thoughts on some simple ways to reduce the amount you spend on copiers.  This is true for either color or black and white devices.

1) Look at all associated costs.  Not just cost per print or just equipment costs.  Figure all costs except for paper and compare.

2) Look at maintenance records on machines.  Does one fail 4 times more often?  What’s it cost your company to have a copier not working?

3) Don’t get color unless you need color.  If you do and you don’t really need it, it will be used on everything.  It never seems to be as little as you will expect it should.

4) Don’t buy tabloid capable copiers if letter/legal will suffice

5) Let your rep know if you work for a large company as there are often “major account” pricing distinctions.

This is a good starting point.  Please give us a call if you are in the copier market.